Glass Doorknobs - Give Your Doors A Touch Of Class

There is nothing that says elegance and beauty in a home like glass accents. One such popular accent is glass doorknobs.

These antique style items look like big diamonds. They could be the crown jewels of your home hardware accents. Glass doorknobs will pick up the light coming into a room and reflect it, almost shimmering.

Depending on your décor style, there are a number of glass doorknobs that may be better choices for your home. If you have dark wood doors in your home, clear glass doorknobs are perfect. They are going to be a shining light, along all the dark wood, and will guide the eye directly to them. Some glass doorknobs even have mirrors in them to cause an even greater shine.

But what if you have a white or glass door? If you are getting beautiful glass doorknobs, you don't want them to blend in with the door. You want to show them off and make sure the whole world sees the attention you put into the details in your home. Traditional glass doorknobs just won't do in this case. Instead you need glass doorknobs that have some color. There are a couple of choices here. Some glass doorknobs come in solid colors of glass, and others that have a starburst of color in the middle to grab your eye.

After you fall in love with glass doorknobs you may want to put them on every door of the house. This is a natural reaction, but one you will have to hold back on. Glass doorknobs are not suited for all doors. They especially are not suited for outdoor use. Because of their make up, glass, they are not as strong as other doorknobs. If you were to put them outside, the hot and cold conditions, depending on your climate, could cause your beautiful glass doorknobs to shatter.

Because of their price, and special nature, many glass doorknobs come with a warranty. Keep your eyes open for this. You should look for as long of a warranty as you can find, so if something does happen, you don't have to carry the cost of replacing your knobs, the manufacturer does.

Remember, this is glass we're talking about. Glass is fragile, even when it's in something you are used to seeing as hardy, like a doorknob. You need to consider who will be using this doorknob. If you are in a house with a lot of rough housing kids, you may want to shy away from this kind of fixture, because it is predestined for failure. Even for adults, glass doorknobs need to be used carefully, because they can easily facture or break. You should try to limit using glass doorknobs to doors that are not as commonly used such as closets and bedrooms so; you can appreciate the beauty and fragility of these pieces of home hardware art for years to come.


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